Who doesn’t love a guilty pleasure hey? That’s right, deny it, but we all do. Life can be miserable without them. It doesn’t have to be something flashy or expensive – it could be something as simple as a bit of chocolate or a trashy magazine. Anyway, in case you were wondering, here are mine:

  1. Cuddling with our cute kitten while I really need to get some work done
  2. Filling up my online shopping bag with lots of stuff without actually purchasing anything
  3. Wearing my super fluffy bathrobe over my clothes when I’m at home (what can I say, I’d probably wear it outside if only that was socially acceptable…)
  4. Eating a croissant (or two!) even though I just promised myself to have a clean meal
  5. Snow! I think it’s super romantic when it snows, and I love going outside to build a snowman and act like a total 10-year-old again
  6. Creating a big pile of knitwear and put it in a random corner of my bedroom just because it looks so cosy
  7. Singing in the shower, even though I really can’t sing. I only do this when I’m completely alone
  8. Old school rap music. And yeah, I know all the lyrics by heart
  9. Being a total couch potato with some basic ingredients for a cosy night within reach: boyfriend, blanket, chocolate, Cutler and Gross Glasses. Not necessarily in that order
  10. Playing Mario Kart. I’m actually quite good at it, too!

Okay, so before I look like the only total weirdo here, please share some of your guilty pleasures too! I know I’m not alone in this…