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Kira Buckland Bang Zoom! Johnny Yong Bosch Bang Zoom! The film sold 128,000 tickets and earned 165,363,930 yen, approximately US$1.24 million, over the weekend, and bought 164,000 tickets for 209,912,700 yen, about US$1.57 million over its first three days. TOHO is distributing the film. In 2010, Trains magazine rated this movie 45th of the hundred Biggest Train Movies. The film offered 38.7% extra tickets and earned 47.4% greater than Shinkai’s acclaimed your identity. The film has now offered a cumulative completion of 7. Forty-five million tickets for 10,014,715,330 yen, about US$75.34 million. 2 and bought 225,000 tickets for 297 million yen, about US$2.14 million, in its opening weekend. The movie earned 40,092,410 yen, approximately US$301 six hundred, from Friday to Sunday, and a total of 139,769,650 yen, approximately eight.57 million.

1,277,960,000 yen, approximately US$12.51 million, in its first three days. She tries to spend time with him, waiting long after school for the chance to travel dwelling together. As time passes, a devastating reality emerges: only these brave sufficient to share their stories will be saved. Keigo Sasaki, Blue Exorcist, ERASED, The Seven Deadly Sins, designed the characters and was additionally the chief animation director. Takumi Tanji Kids Who Chase Misplaced Voices was the art director. Actress Nanoka Hara voices the heroine Suzume Iwato in the film. RADWIMPS scored the film. 2045, RWBY: Ice Queendom scored the movie alongside RADWIMPS. The movie opened in Japan on December 16. Isamu Nakae directed the movie, with a script by Noriko Yoshida.

Keiichi Hara, Colorful, Miss Hokusai, The Wonderland directed the film at A-1 Footage. The HD DVD model of the film has also been released on 18 April 2008, which is area-free by default. On 11 July 2008, ADV brought that it changed into discontinuing print of the DVD. Mateo, Ibarra C. Three July 2013. Eiga Sai movie festival kicks off PHL-Japan Friendship Month. Stevens, Josh 17 July 2020. Anime Restricted Completes Shinkai Catalogue with 5CM Per Second & Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Rimuru and his commander, Benimaru, encounter another ogre survivor named Hiiro, who used to carry Benimaru in excessive regard. suzume no tojimari Official Merchandise Rimuru and his companions get involved in a long-working conspiracy that swirls around a woman with a mysterious power.