Is a vegan diet actually healthy?

It’s fair to say that there are many health benefits of opting to choose a vegan diet for your lifestyle. Its diet can help to lower your fat and cholesterol levels as well as get you looking feeling leaner which is why many opt for the lifestyle. However, it doesn’t necessarily compare to what healthy benefits you can gain from a well balanced diet that includes meat and dairy. So, it’s worth considering whether there has actually been enough research to consider whether a vegan diet is actually healthy. 

There are alternatives available

With veganism still being a relatively new thing, many people would have switched their traditional diets to vegan. This means they may be missing out on the tastes of some of their favourite foods due to the change in lifestyle. Fortunately, there have been alternatives such as tofu and Quorn products created but do you still get the nutritional benefits that you would get from a traditional diet?

The unfortunate thing about tofu is that people tend to be unaware of its ingredients. It contains soy which many people tend to be unexpectedly allergic to, causing flare ups and health issues for individuals. This is why it’s not considered an ideal alternative. 

Thankfully, there are supplements and vegan probiotics available that can be easily consumed to help boost any deficiencies that you have. When you experience a change in diet it can cause unexpected mood swings or weight loss and gain which can cause radical changes.

Athletes are turning to the diet

Veganism is becoming more on trend, particularly with athletes. Many athletes that turned to the diet have seen better performance and has been one of the main reasons why many have turned to the diet for their lifestyle. The major difference between the two however is that athletes have dedicated nutritionists and chef’s that help to easily incorporate the correct foods into their diet. It can be much more difficult for your average person. 


A traditional diet can make it easy for your average person to gain all the nutrients that you need, particularly when it includes meat and fish. If you’re looking for a healthier diet then a pescetarian diet may be a better alternative. It still contains fish which you can gain plenty of protein from as well as eggs, dairy products and fruit and veg. This will help avoid the risk of finding out that you’re allergic to certain goods in a vegan diet or using probiotic supplements as an alternative that can produce side effects.