Sofa Buying Guide – 4 Top Tips to Consider

It’s fair to say that your sofa is one of the most important investments that you make when designing your living room. It’s the main focus when it comes to your living room as it’s a place where we eat, nap, lounge and talk. So, you’ll want it to last you a long time right? 

From choosing a sturdy frame to making sure it measures up right, here is your ultimate buying guide to purchasing a sofa.

Test it before your buy it

The luxury you get of going sofa shopping is that you can visit the stores and test them out yourself. Seat depths for different designer sofa designs can vary so you want to make sure that when you sit on the sofa you’re able to maneuver easily and sit comfortably for long periods of time. When you’re sitting on the sofa consider aspects such as how low off the floor it is, whether it gives you solid back support and it can take enough weight.

Invest in a good frame

A good solid frame is key to the longevity of your sofa. If it’s a study frame it’s more likely to last for longer so take extra consideration into this when you’re choosing which one you want. Hardwood tends to be a preferable option for longer lasting sofas whereas metal and particle boards tend to be less reliable. 

Also, double check the guarantee that comes with the sofa. Obviously, the longer you get the better. Going directly to the manufacturer can help with gaining a longer warranty on your sofa. 

Check the cushions too

You shouldn’t just stop at the sofa frame when it comes to purchasing your ideal product. The cushions that come with the sofa are just as important. They add to the comfort and the design which can make or break it’s appearance as well as how it makes them feel. 

You have two options when it comes to pillows. They can either be feather filled, which can be comfy but require plenty of fluffing or fibre fillings that can easily lose shape over the time. The best resolution is choosing a mix of both. These can work extremely well for the long term.

Measure up so it fits well

It’s great having a good looking comfy sofa, but what use is it if you’re unable to fit into your living space? Measuring up is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing your sofa because without it, it’s likely to be a big mistake. 

Before even considering browsing through websites or heading to the sofa store, get your measuring tape out and work out the ideal length, height and width that you’re looking for. From here, it’ll give you a better idea of what to consider when you actually start browsing.

Don’t even stop at the size of the sofa itself, consider the aspects around it too. Will it be a suitable height next to your luxury coffee table? Does it fit alongside your rug? These aspects should all be considered too.