Telugu free movies based on corruption: Tagore

Telugu free movies based on corruption: Tagore

Mega star super hit movie on corruption is Tagore. It’s the story about a common man who wants to change and abolish corruption in the government. He was the one who faced enormous problems in life and was desperate to abolish corruption with help of his fellow mates and students by starting ACF. It’s to catch hold of someone who takes bribes to work for the public. It’s a movie which has a most important message with a commercial touch. It’s an all round movie which entertains you and touches your heart with emotional societal messages. You can watch Tagore movies online as it’s a free online movie.


The story opens with our mega star Chiranjeevi as Tagore, who is a professor in college. He looks very gentle and kind. He adopts kids and raises them at his own place, every kid has an emotional barrier. It seems like his life is simple that way but no! There is more to watch in the movie. He is a zealful person who wants to stop corruption in the country. He runs a group of people who work on the same mission. They get hold of people who take money to get things done in government. They have all the information about each and every person who works for the government. In this process Shreya enters the story beautifully where she falls for him but Tagore already has a past with wedding that’s the main reason why he wants to abolish corruption. His wife jyothika and son die in an accident of building collapse. The accident takes place due to some fault in the construction of a nearby highway. He has a big rage on the Badrinarayana as he is the one behind the blind construction. The story runs on abolishing corruption and revenge.

Technical Assets:

  • The storyline is so powerful. It can empower you to be a loyal servant to government rules and norms. It’s very uniquely written.
  • The background will give you the intense vibes. It raises your spirit to another level.
  • The movie’s editing is mind blowing. The transitions are smooth enough to make you fall for the movie.
  • Direction of the movie is outstanding. Who would expect a message oriented movie with commercial aspects. It’s only possible to V V. Vinayak.

Artists Performance:

  • Mega star Chiranjeevi. We have no words to explain his integrity and passion towards acting! He is awesome now and forever.
  • Shriya was beautiful and fun at her part. She was a spark on screen.
  • SayajiShinde is an all rounder. His performance was at peaks in this movie.

Cast and Crew:

Director: V. V. Vinayak

Producer: B. Madhu

Writer: A. R. Murugadoss

Actor: Chiranjeevi

Actress: Shriya Saran

Other Actors: Jyothika, SayajiShinde, Prakash Raj

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematographer: Chota K. Naidu

Editor: Gowtham Raju

More Information:

Release date: 24 September 2003

Running time: 176 minutes

Box office: 45 crore

Genre: Action

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